Storytelling is universal. Storytime AI can help you garner the power of artificial intelligence (AI) + storytelling to create your own personalized, beautifully illustrated books and videos, complete with read-along narration.  Use the Storytime AI: Story Generator mobile app for:


- Create custom children's books with your own inputs for characters, plot & more!
- Enjoy personalized and narrated bedtime stories, making bedtime with kids a breeze.
- Explore hundred of free books and videos in the Public Library.
- Turn your custom books into videos to enjoy high-quality, guilt-free screentime.


- Support reading comprehension and literacy for children with engaging custom books.
- Insert your desired vocab words or story themes to create a personalized learning experience.
- With over 70+ languages available, create custom books and videos that support language learning.


- Create social stories to help kids understand situations, experiences, or complex concepts
- Increase representation and diversity in storytelling with custom books and videos that are culturally relevant to readers
- Easily share individualized books and videos with friends and family - a fun way to get others involved!

Generative AI brings your custom books and videos to life, accompanied by tailored illustrations and read-along narration. 

Storytime AI: Story Generator Mobile App

Perfect for teachers and students, adults and children, the Storytime AI app is a premier example of responsible generative AI and using technology for good. Our content filters ensure that the custom books and videos created are appropriate and entertaining for all ages.

Available for all Android and iOS mobile and tablet devices.

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