A universe of personalized digital books and videos at your fingertips 🚀

Imagine a world where your child is the hero of their own story, accompanied by their pets, family members, or anyone they cherish. Storytime AI makes this possible by allowing you to create personalized digital books and read-along videos that star your child. 

Dive into a digital library brimming with thousands of free books and videos, all available for remixing to include your child as the main character. This bespoke approach to storytelling not only enhances reading enjoyment but also significantly boosts literacy among kids.

New ways to engage young readers 📚✨

Storytime AI harnesses the power of generative AI to revolutionize the way kids engage with reading, making it a fun, inclusive, and interactive experience. This week we are thrilled to offer even more ways for users to leverage the Storytime AI mobile app, AI-powered storytelling, and generative AI to create custom books for kids and families to enjoy.

With the latest upgrade to the Storytime AI app – version 1.4 – you can now enjoy personalized books in new formats, including video books and book playlists that can be enjoyed directly on your phone or on your own television. This gives you the ability to use Storytime AI to create and enjoy custom books in the way that works best for your family. 

Additionally, we’re thrilled to enable the creation of books in more languages. With books now available in 22 languages, you can enjoy books in Chinese, books in Italian, books in Japanese and so many more – with 50+ other languages coming to the app soon.

Fostering literacy and a love of reading with personalized books has never been easier with Storytime AI, version 1.4! Explore the new custom book features now available in the latest version of the Storytime AI mobile app below:

  • Video – turn your custom books into videos, add them to playlists, and enjoy hours of personalized, on-demand edutainment for your kids that can be available directly within the Storytime AI mobile app or broadcast to your television using AirPlay or Chromecast!
  • Public Library – explore hundreds of free narrated and illustrated books and videos in the new Public Library in Storytime AI.
  • Languages – you can now create a custom book in 22 different languages, with 50+ more coming soon!

Learn more about each of these new Storytime AI features below!

Unleash creativity in more formats with video books and playlists

By popular demand, Storytime AI 1.4 introduces the ability for you to turn your personalized books into captivating video books! Compile your favorite stories into book playlists, and enjoy them on your smartphone or broadcast them to your television. This flexibility ensures that Storytime AI adapts to your family’s unique lifestyle, making educational screen time both meaningful and enjoyable. Here’s a quick look at the new video tab where you can create a video or add videos to playlists:

Dive into the free Public Library for endless exploration

Our newly introduced Public Library feature opens up a world of hundreds of free, on-demand books and videos. Our mission is to make a wide range of free, culturally representative books available in nearly every language so that reading can be fun and accessible to everyone. This treasure trove of narrated and illustrated content is designed to keep your kids engaged and eager to explore new stories. The ability to remix any book from the Public Library with personalized elements adds an exciting layer of customization, making every story a new adventure. 

Here’s a look at the Public Library in the Discover tab and how you can easily remix any of these free books to personalize your own story with your child as the main character:

Support language learning and inclusivity

With the addition of 22 languages, Storytime AI breaks language barriers, making it an invaluable tool for language learning and fostering inclusivity. This feature not only celebrates linguistic diversity but also prepares kids for a globalized world. The promise of extending support to over 50 additional languages soon further underscores our commitment to making Storytime AI a truly universal platform. 

We now support creating both digital books and videos in the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Polish, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Catalan, Russian, Icelandic, Romanian, and Welsh.

You can also localize the Storytime AI app in the Settings tab to enjoy the mobile app in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and Dutch.

Here’s where you can select the different languages to create your story in within the book creation process:

Designed for parents, tailored for kids

Storytime AI version 1.4 is more than just an app; it’s a gateway to fostering a lifelong love for reading and learning among children. By integrating personalized stories, educational screen time, and a commitment to representation and inclusivity, we’re helping parents provide their kids with a rich, diverse, and engaging reading experience.

Join the Storytime AI community today and witness your child’s reading journey transform with stories that not only entertain but also educate and inspire.

Download the Storytime AI mobile app today and use the code FREEBK to receive an additional free book and embark on an unparalleled adventure in literacy and learning.


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